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(cup No.1) 2013, porcelain, linen thread, synthetic gold thread 5,5x10x10,5cm

EXHIBITED: 2014 - 16th International Mini Textile Exhibition „Textiles Over Gold", Bratislava, Slovakia

AWARD: Prize of Slovak Textile Artists Association

(cup No.2) 2015, porcelain, cotton thread, synthetic gold thread, 5,5x15x45,5cm

EXHIBITED: : 2016 - 11 Ogólnopolska Wystawa Miniatury Tkackiej Łódź 2016,  Central Museum of Textiles Poland
IN COLLECTION:  Central Museum of Textiles in Łodzi, Poland

(cup No.3) 2016, porcelain, synthetic gold thread 20x20x12cm

EXHIBITED: 2017 - The 8th International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Textile Art “Scythia”, Kherson/Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine

(cup No.4) 2017, porcelain, synthetic gold thread, cotton thread, 11x11x5,5cm

EXHIBITED: 2017 - The 27th International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art, Como, Italy

(cup No.5) 2017, porcelain, synthetic gold thread, cotton thread, 11x11x5,5cm

EXHIBITED: 2017 - International exhibition of mini-textiles „Treasure Island", Saint Petersburg, Russia 

AWARD: The International Masters Gildii Awards 

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